I  Mobile Flash Solution

Mobile Flash Lens

- PL(Power LED) Lens is known as flash window and featuring exceptional optic performance of distributing light for producing high quality image even in low intensity conditions.

- Intensity of radiation amplified compared to LED unit + Controlling of Light distribution characteristic satisfies high pixel phone camera quality.

Bare LED only

Mobile Flash Module + PL Lens

Reference Products

Mobile Flash Module

Mobile Flash Module is a ultra slim size with packaged flash module which can produce high performance and high.

I  Medical Parts

- Plastic injection for Medical Devices Components available

- Obtained ISO13485 certification

- FDX Group Member

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I  Optical Lens

Optical Pick-Up Lens

CCTV Camera Lens

Fingerprint Reader Lens

Optical Pick-Up Lens

CCTV Camera Lens

Fingerprint Reader Lens

I  ToF Sensor Module

ToF (Time of Flight)

Method to measure the distance by calculating the time laser irradiated with light then reflected back toward the object

ToF Sensor Module

- Make It easier to utilize ToF without hampering its superior performance.

- Providing same performance as ToF Sensor.

- MOSTOP designed optical system for enhancing outdoor performance.

- Works even with an external cover that enables water proof and dust      

  proof function.

- Rapid and precise distance measuring (Detecting Dist. : mm)


Miniaturized module to be widely applied.


Dispensing products

Hand dryer

Vacuum products